Independence day

Today is Our Country’s 62nd Independence Day. I woke up late this morning. I missed Our Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech. Strange, but I don’t feel guilty at all! Neither do I feel proud at my action. I just feel sheer Indifferent. But fifteen years back, I wasn’t like this. I couldn’t ever think of missing out on this Event. I would wake up early in the morning. The first thing I would do is ask Mom to take out the National Flag from our old and sturdy steel almirah.I would then tie the flag to a long stick. And with the help of Dad and with pride swelling in my chest I would hoist it to the top of our Roof. I would try my best to hoist it at the highest possible vantage point so that people could see it from afar. I couldn’t help greeting everybody I meet with a cheerful “Happy Independence Day’ greeting. And while I would be doing all this my elder brother would be getting ready in his NCC uniform. He being a dedicated NCC Cadet representing our school would always salute the National flag with great respect. He would then cycle down to the local stadium to take part in the Independence Day Parade. His participation in Our State’s Independence Day Parade would make me jump with joy. My heart will swell with pride. I would then run to switch on the television. I would remain glued to the television for Our Prime Minister to deliver his Independence Day speech .I just can’t express what significance this Day held for me. I am sure all of you would have felt the same on this glorious occasion. But today why do I feel so cynical? The reasons are plenty.It is the 62nd year of Our Independence and yet the majority of my countrymen and women are not even getting two square meals a day! The children of this country don’t have access to free education. The villages don’t have good roads. Some children have to walk miles to some other village to study. The farmers are a harried lot. They need to run from pillar to post to get the right to till their own land! Even then, they need to bribe the Block development officials to be eligible to apply for soft loans from Co-Operative Banks. And after doing all this, their ordeal doesn’t get over. The Co-operative Bank Officials then need a commission to sanction their loan. Imagine their predicament when we should actually be blessing them for being the originators and producers of our food. Farmers are the poorest in our country. No where else in the world do they face this relentless ordeal. How can we as be so callous and indifferent to them? How can we be so indifferent to the pain of these small children who have to walk on barefoot for miles to be able to attend a school? Should we as a nation be celebrating this 62nd Independence Day and wasting government funds when we know their will be homes where even one meal may not be possible?


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  1. Hey, Sir its really nice that you did all these things when you were a toddler and doing all these things at this age might feel a bit weird so it’s fine. One more thing its our REPUBLIC DAY and not Independence day.

    • Hey I wrote this last year on 15th August 2009.I wasn’t a toddler then that I am sure of.But during those days I used to be very enthusiastic about this day…but now I am just indifferent…

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