Jagjeet Singh

Jagjeet Singhji’s Ghazals

Sometimes I wonder what is it with Jagjeet Singhji”s Ghazals ? Why do some of us keep listening to his Ghazals even till this day.I remember listening to one of his Ghazals for the first time the other day. Imust have been in the 5th standard in school.I found the Ghazal an entirely new thing altogether.I couldn’t understand some of the words in the song yet I felt like finding out the meanings of those words.I had suddenly got hooked to his style of singing.I waited to listen to his songs whenever Vivid Bharati radio would broadcast his songs.When I heard his voice on radio or television I would leave everything and just listen to him.I have the same craze about him even till this day !!!I tried finding out more about him.I read about his personal tragedy.How he and his equally famous wife Chitra Singhji lost their only son in a car accident. I felt very sad reading about his personal grief.Maybe God wanted his son to be his bundle of joy only for a few moments.I wonder is this personal grief the reason for his sad and melancolly voice ?Even today whenever I see him as a judge in some Musical Competion program in some Channel I see him so calm and composed in life.No one would be able to get an inkling of his personal tragedy in the way he conducts himself.And my respect for this man increases greatly when I hear him speak to the new singers always encouraging them with kind words and a lot of affection.Unlike some judges who speak things without thinking what effect it would have on some of the young contestants who come from afar and wouldn’t like to humiliated with some nasty comments.I am just about finished now with the day’s work.I have already planned since morning about how I am going to spend today’s evening.I am going to go home and take a bath and refresh myself.Pour myself a tall glass of my favourite chilled drink and then put on my favourite Jagjeet Singhji’s Ghazal CD…….

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I am just a traveler in this beautiful universe. I keep discovering new things each moment of my life..

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