The Movie ” Paa “

This movie is like a breath of fresh air.When I saw this movie I couldn’t even miss one frame of it.R.Balkrishna needs to be congratulated wholeheartedly.He has so much of creativity.Every frame is like a beautiful painting.One remains glued to this movie and can’t think of going anywhere else while watching this movie.It’s like a magical poetry in motion.The way the camera captures the expressions of the actors is impeccable.I might even say it is magically flawless.The lead role of ‘Auro’ played by the Big B is awesome.He knows his craft so well.One feels captivated watching him perform as Auro, the twelve-year old boy suffering from Progeria.He is an intelligent and witty boy with an extremely rare genetic defect that causes accelerated aging. He suffers from a progeria-like syndrome. Mentally he is 12, very normal, but physically he looks five times older. In spite of his condition, Auro is a very happy boy. He lives with his mother Vidya (Vidya Balan).He is immaculate in his conception of this role and plays it to the ‘t’.He draws you into his own world where you get to meet his thoughts and views of life.He makes you forget your worries and start dancing with him whenever he starts dancing in his very own inimitable style.Vidya Balan is superb in her role of Auro’s mother.As the highly independent modern woman she plays her role with a lot of conviction.As the movie progresses,one gets to understand her views and thoughts about life .She appears very cool and composed in all her frames.She has the excellent knack of getting into the ‘skin of the character’..Her portrayal of the character of Vidya is simply amazing.In this movie Vidya accidentally bumps into Amol Arte,a young and progressive politician.Abhishek Bachchan plays this role of the progressive politician.He does justice to his character of Amol Arte.One can see the idealistic side of him in his portrayal of this character and one can identify with his views about changing the system and uprooting corruption from society.Vidya and Amol meet and fall in love. Balki depicts this beautifully in the song ‘Uddi Uddi….Iteffaq se..”, sung melodiously by Shilpa Rao.One hears a slight variation of this song as “Gali Muddi..Ittefaq se” sung amazingly with a lot of panache by Shaan in a later part of the movie..The plot of the movie revovle around Auro.The truth is Auro is Amol’s son however Vidya conceals this from him. When Auro does learn the truth however, he wishes to go to Delhi with his father. Auro tries to get his mother and father back together but Vidya resists, still hurt by the fact that Amol wanted her to have an abortion when they first found out she was pregnant. Amol realizes his mistake though, and proposes to Vidya, as he is still in love with her. He stays by Auro’s side when he finds out that Auro is his son. Auro’s health begins to deteriorate as he reaches his 13th birthday, his physical defects catching up. However, he is finally able to reunite his mother and father once again as Vidya gives in to her feelings for Amol and her motherly love for Auro. Auro, succumbing to his disease, dies happy, his last words being “Maa” and “Paa.”

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