Slumdog Millionaire

By this time almost half  of the world must have  seen   the movie ‘   ‘. I too saw it many days ago.Well I liked it you know.I liked it barring certain scenes where I thought the director could have done in a different way.Now dont start thinking that I do not like Danny Boyle.I do like Danny Boyle and I think he is really good.He knows his craft allright.But If Akira Kurosawa was to direct “Slumdog …’ he would have done it in his own way and if one of my favourite directors,the great Francis Ford Coppola had directed it he would have done it entirely differently.Well we are all welcome to our ideas.One thing which I just now remember is that in his childhood,Danny Boyle wanted to be a priest.Well I think we all can now see the connection of his wanting to be a priest in his childhood and now making a movie about the economically weaker sections of society.We all do have this zeal at times to make our society better and get rid of the slums.That he did with real kids living in the slums of Mumbai needs to be appreciated.To make films to which one can connect one needs to have a certain amount of authenticity added to it.This was done by the kids of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
The rest of the cast of ‘Slumdog….’ , well honestly speaking i did not find any great acting done by any of them.
But let us congratulate Danny Boyle on winning the Oscar.


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