The Gunslinger

No Indian is good enough to win an individual Olympic Gold Medal. Not anymore. Noone dare say this sardonic sentence again. Whew! What a relief for us all!!! We the people of this Great Country called India can now stand up straight and feel proud of ourselves. We should feel more so when we hear the National Anthem being playedthis Independence day. One man just ensured that the whole World stand up to it on Monday, the 11nth of August 2008.The Man is Abhinav Bindra.He did what Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore couldn’t do for India in the Athens 2004 Olmpics.Although Rathore did win the Silver medal but as someone said “you never win a Silver medal, you just lose the Gold”. What a guy this Abhinav Bindra is. Indeed he is Our collective Man of the Moment. This Man indeed has Nerves of Steel. And we can even call him The Man with the Golden Gun. The gun Abhinav uses is a Walther PPK rifle, James Bond too uses a Walther, other than a Beretta. That’s not all-Abhinav’s gold for India the seventh individual Olmpics medal.007,huh?He started with a bang, the first shot-10.7..He followed it up with a 10.3.After the third shot, a 10.4,he had moved from no.3 to no.2.Then,Bindra slowly ate into the lead of Finland’s Henri Hakkinen and went ahead after the 7th shot with 10.6.Hakkinen caught up with him after the ninth shot, and with one shot to go, the Indian and the Finn were tied at 689.7 points. a hushed silence fell upon the hall. The suspense was unbearable. Then Bindra hit the bullseye,a 10.8,defending champion Zhu Qinan shot a 10.5 and the crowds favorite, Hakkinen simply withered under pressur,managing only 9.7.After the medal’s ceremony,Bindra was mobbed by journalists, several of them from Finland and China.“How does it feel Mr Bindra?” “Hard to describe it….it’s the thrill of my life,” he said, still looking calm as a monk.’ The final shot was perfect. I just went for it. was aggressive. It went my way. I’m lucky,”he added in a matter-of-fact-tone.Will this change his life? ”My life will go on. I hope it changes the face of Olmpic sports in the country,” he said.


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