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Coffee with David Headley

Malcolm Gladwell says in the book “What the Dog Saw” that the then US National Security Expert Gregory Treverton had famously made a distinction between puzzles and mysteries. Osama bin Laden’s details  are a puzzle he had stated. The US is not able to find him because of  lack of enough information. The key to the puzzle will in all probability come from someone close to bin Laden, and until that source is found, bin laden will remain at large.

The CIA must have felt ecstatic when they latched on to a man called David Headley.

David Headley (Daood Saleem Gilani) born in Washington D.C on June 30th, 1960 was a weird mix of Eastern and Western cultures and made for a near-perfect agent. His mother was Serrill Headley, a socialite from Maryland, and his father was Syed Gilani, a radio broadcaster and diplomat from Lahore.

After his birth in the US, the family had relocated to Pakistan, where Headley was brought up as a Muslim and schooled at an exclusive military academy.

Then his parents divorced and his mother returned to the US to open a bar in Philadelphia, and he rejoined her 17 years later.

He made the most of his dual identities to smuggle half a kilogram of heroin from Pakistan’s tribal areas to New York, selling it through his small video store.

German customs officers caught him four years later at Frankfurt Airport, when Headley was on his way to Philadelphia, with about two kilograms of heroin. He simply informed on his co-conspirators to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and tried saving his skin.

While, his co-accomplices were jailed for between eight and ten years, he very intelligently maneuvered his way to become a paid DEA informer.

He then worked for the DEA and cleverly infiltrated Pakistan’s drug syndicates.

And finally he offered a deal, suggesting he infiltrate Islamist radicals, which was absolutely difficult for the  CIA to refuse.

Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark, investigative journalists  authors of “The Siege” now complete the entire picture.

They say Headley was indeed a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) agent,  who scouted targets for the 26/11 terror attack. But the authors say that he was “never anyone’s client” and his game plan was only to “save himself by sacrificing others”.

“Headley is complex and knowing. According to his own mother, an adventuress from Maryland, David was a person whose selfishness was derived from his lack of sense of self,”

“He went to Pakistan to be with his father yet he yearned to be  with his mother,  and soon joined her in the US.”

He began buying drugs in Pakistan in the early 1980s and he did so by manipulating his best friend Rana, a school friend of his and who was then a doctor in the Pakistan army.

“Headley used Rana’s military credentials and truck, to get into the tribal territories of Pakistan on drug obtaining missions, hiding his illicit cache in the military vehicle without Rana’s knowledge.”

The drugs plan was busted in 1984,  and then he gave up the syndicate around him. This happened on two more occasions as well.

On each occasion he made a deal with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and hence by default with the US intelligence as well.

“In 1998 he got arrested for importing heroin. The US Embassies and Africa had been devastated by Al Qaeda which was announcing its arrival on the global terrorist stage.

Headley/Gilani made an irresistible offer to the CIA. The offer was  to penetrate the Islamist movements in Pakistan.

He got into Lashkar but not until 2006, and then slowly edged also towards Al Qaeda, and in particular Ilyas Kashmiri’s 313 Brigade in Waziristan.

This was clearly known to the US Intelligence Agencies that were monitoring his email and phones. They had known all along that a US passport holder was closer than anyone else to capturing  Osama bin Laden at a time when capturing him was their sole and  prime objective.

But the authors Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark maintain through out their investigative account that Headley was never any one organisation’s  client.

He simply betrayed everyone.

He betrayed the LeT, his three wives, who never got to know about each other and his friend and co-conspirator Rana.

Headley even confused the US intelligence and the ISI, the authors quip.

He was finally arrested at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago while on his way to Pakistan in October 2009.

Headley immediately went into bargain plea with the US authorities, under which he could not be extradited to a foreign nation.

A team from India consisting of India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) went to question and  interrogate Headley in his Chicago jail in 2010 to complete the mysteries surrounding the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

After his arrest and guilty plea, Headley cooperated with U.S. and Indian authorities and gave a lot of vital information about his associates.

Finally on the 24th of January, 2013,  a US Federal Court  sentenced David Coleman Headley to 35 years in prison for his role in the Mumbai attacks.


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As he switched on the car radio. On 98.3 FM, he heard a familiar line.

“And as she turns
This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams
This fire burns
I realize that nothing’s as it seems…”

He smiled and kept driving his car. This song had so much of meaning in his life. The lyrics were like the words he actually wanted to tell someone. Just that, he was not really that good in expressing himself in the way that he wanted to.

He accelerated his car and it sped on.

“Sweet desert rose
This memory of Eden haunts us all
This desert flower, this rare perfume
Is the sweet intoxication of the fall..”

He drove on.

An Ode to Solitude

meandering memories

drifting life

wait in the horizon

eloquence of silence

moments of loneliness

touch of  sublime

fleeting happiness

walk in solitude

moments in the room

all alone


An Idol-A Man called Charles Bukowski

An Idol-A Man called Charles Bukowski

One feels pensive and sad, sometimes. Like tonight, I have no reasons for feeling sad. But I am feeling a bit sad tonight.

While thinking about myriad things, I remember a man called Charles Bukowski.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy

I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other.
― Harvey Fierstein

The Fall of A Brave Journalist

When the rich and the people in power think that they can get away with misdemeanors, is exactly when we need to take a moral stand against them. Journalists are no exception to this creed. Today, instead of being the honest reporter, doing his/her job with an unblemished integrity, journalists have actually become the power brokering middle-men and women busy fixing deals. They clamor for a sybaritic existence that is far from the up-righteousness that their profession demands.

Tarun Tejpal, was a man I had a great respect for. He started his journalistic career in  the 80s, with the India Today magazine and later was greatly instrumental in founding the Outlook magazine.

He left Outlook magazine in March 2000, to start, an online independent news and views magazine which shook the whole of India with its sting investigations including the cricket and defense scams. He created a furor in not just the media world. Here was a man who could stand up for truth and honesty. A man with a spine. A man who would fight the high and the mighty and set things correct. A man to be admired and respected.

But alas not any more!

Tarun Tejpal made headlines today, but for all the wrong reasons. He has been accused by a colleague for sexually assaulting her between November 7 and 10 during Think 2013 in Goa.

The  girl complained about him to the managing editor of Tehelka, Shoma Chaudhary and she demanded a written apology from Tejpal and also that his apology be circulated among Tehelka staffers.

Tejpal apologised immediately and unconditionally in an email to his colleagues. The email went viral on the Internet. Numerous calls for legal action against him are now growing louder. The people everywhere are in no mood to forgive Tejpal.  The girl has not yet filed an official complaint but most say police and court can take suo motu notice of the content of the circulated email.

The police have emailed Tehelka’s managing editor Shoma Chaudhury, in the meantime. The Goa government has ordered an inquiry into the woman’s allegations that Mr Tejpal sexually assaulted her at a hotel where the Tehelka team was staying for an event the magazine organised earlier this month.

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told NDTV, “We have ordered a preliminary inquiry, it doesn’t require any complaint. If the allegations are found to be true, the police will register a case. From what I see, the crime has taken place.”

In his mail with the subject line “Atonement”,  Tejpal said, “The last few days have been most testing, and I squarely take the blame for this. A bad lapse of judgment, an awful misreading of the situation, have led to an unfortunate incident that rails against all we believe in and fight for. I have already unconditionally apologised for my misconduct to the concerned journalist, but I feel impelled to atone further. I must do the penance that lacerates me. I am therefore offering to recuse myself from the editorship of Tehelka, and from the Tehelka office, for the next six months.”

He has to get the punishment that he obviously deserves.  But what makes me sad is how a once brave man has fallen low. Now Tarun Tejpal will be remembered, but with the infamous, and with the rotten scums of the world!


The Movie ” Paa “

This movie is like a breath of fresh air.When I saw this movie I couldn’t even miss one frame of it.R.Balkrishna needs to be congratulated wholeheartedly.He has so much of creativity.Every frame is like a beautiful painting.One remains glued to this movie and can’t think of going anywhere else while watching this movie.It’s like a magical poetry in motion.The way the camera captures the expressions of the actors is impeccable.I might even say it is magically flawless.The lead role of ‘Auro’ played by the Big B is awesome.He knows his craft so well.One feels captivated watching him perform as Auro, the twelve-year old boy suffering from Progeria.He is an intelligent and witty boy with an extremely rare genetic defect that causes accelerated aging. He suffers from a progeria-like syndrome. Mentally he is 12, very normal, but physically he looks five times older. In spite of his condition, Auro is a very happy boy. He lives with his mother Vidya (Vidya Balan).He is immaculate in his conception of this role and plays it to the ‘t’.He draws you into his own world where you get to meet his thoughts and views of life.He makes you forget your worries and start dancing with him whenever he starts dancing in his very own inimitable style.Vidya Balan is superb in her role of Auro’s mother.As the highly independent modern woman she plays her role with a lot of conviction.As the movie progresses,one gets to understand her views and thoughts about life .She appears very cool and composed in all her frames.She has the excellent knack of getting into the ‘skin of the character’..Her portrayal of the character of Vidya is simply amazing.In this movie Vidya accidentally bumps into Amol Arte,a young and progressive politician.Abhishek Bachchan plays this role of the progressive politician.He does justice to his character of Amol Arte.One can see the idealistic side of him in his portrayal of this character and one can identify with his views about changing the system and uprooting corruption from society.Vidya and Amol meet and fall in love. Balki depicts this beautifully in the song ‘Uddi Uddi….Iteffaq se..”, sung melodiously by Shilpa Rao.One hears a slight variation of this song as “Gali Muddi..Ittefaq se” sung amazingly with a lot of panache by Shaan in a later part of the movie..The plot of the movie revovle around Auro.The truth is Auro is Amol’s son however Vidya conceals this from him. When Auro does learn the truth however, he wishes to go to Delhi with his father. Auro tries to get his mother and father back together but Vidya resists, still hurt by the fact that Amol wanted her to have an abortion when they first found out she was pregnant. Amol realizes his mistake though, and proposes to Vidya, as he is still in love with her. He stays by Auro’s side when he finds out that Auro is his son. Auro’s health begins to deteriorate as he reaches his 13th birthday, his physical defects catching up. However, he is finally able to reunite his mother and father once again as Vidya gives in to her feelings for Amol and her motherly love for Auro. Auro, succumbing to his disease, dies happy, his last words being “Maa” and “Paa.”

The Eyes

The Eyes

I look into your eyes
and see an ocean,
so deep and mysterious…
I look into your eyes,
and see the turbulent waves
dashing against the sea-rocks…
I look into your eyes,and see a distant ship,
making way towards the shore…
I look into your eyes,
and see a serene calmness
engulfing a raging storm….

Slumdog Millionaire

By this time almost half  of the world must have  seen   the movie ‘   ‘. I too saw it many days ago.Well I liked it you know.I liked it barring certain scenes where I thought the director could have done in a different way.Now dont start thinking that I do not like Danny Boyle.I do like Danny Boyle and I think he is really good.He knows his craft allright.But If Akira Kurosawa was to direct “Slumdog …’ he would have done it in his own way and if one of my favourite directors,the great Francis Ford Coppola had directed it he would have done it entirely differently.Well we are all welcome to our ideas.One thing which I just now remember is that in his childhood,Danny Boyle wanted to be a priest.Well I think we all can now see the connection of his wanting to be a priest in his childhood and now making a movie about the economically weaker sections of society.We all do have this zeal at times to make our society better and get rid of the slums.That he did with real kids living in the slums of Mumbai needs to be appreciated.To make films to which one can connect one needs to have a certain amount of authenticity added to it.This was done by the kids of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
The rest of the cast of ‘Slumdog….’ , well honestly speaking i did not find any great acting done by any of them.
But let us congratulate Danny Boyle on winning the Oscar.


I was waiting
ecstasy,agony arm in arm[is916022[1].jpg]
the raindrops were falling….
the leaves were sparkling…
playing hide and seek…
I was waiting,
I was waiting for you,that night…
ecstasy,agony arm in arm.

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